Rose Calloway Cobalt (nee Rose Magdala Calloway) (b. 6 August 1990) is the owner of Calloway Couture. She is the second oldest daughter of Greg and Samantha Calloway, Greg being the CEO of popular soft drink brand Fizz. Older than her is sister Poppy Calloway, her younger sisters being Lily Hale (nee Calloway) and Daisy Meadows (nee Calloway). Rose is the main character in Kiss the Sky and Fuel the Fire, is a main character in the Addicted Series and Calloway Sisters, and is a supporting character in the Like Us Series.

Early Life Edit

As a child Rose did ballet. The teacher often was frustrated with her because she didn't relax her body, a facet of Rose's personality.

At fifteen years old, Rose and her mother built Calloway Couture as a side business that later grows into a profitable fashion line.

She met Connor Cobalt at an Academic Bowl Competition as a teenager.

Addicted Series Edit

Addicted To You Edit

Rose's first appearance is when she arrives at Loren and Lily's apartment to remind them to go to their family's Sunday luncheon. She bickers with Lo before leaving after a short conversation chastising Lily for not attending. Lily notes that she loves Rose the most of all her sisters, not because she's kind but because she tries the most to be a part of her life. At the luncheon, she confronts Lily and tells her that a friend saw her walking out of a pregnancy center.

Later while the family is on a cruise, Rose talks to Lily, reminding her that she is loved and that she doesn't need a man to complete her.

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Published March 18, 2018.

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Published 2018.

Physical Appearance Edit

Rose is considered beautiful, having cat-like yellow-green eyes and dark brown hair. Lily describes her as being "ten times prettier" than herself. She is about 5'7" or 5'8" with fair skin. At the beginning of the series, she is said to have a slender frame but is later described as having a larger chest and wider hips than her sisters Lily and Daisy, who are both underweight. Rose often wears black winged eyeliner and dark red lipstick to enhance her features.

Personality and Traits Edit

Rose is a perfectionist and has OCD. As a fashion designer, she takes a lot of pride in her style and is always dressed to impress. She is also highly intelligent, having graduated with highest honors from Princeton University.

A passionate feminist, she is not afraid to speak her mind or even threaten others. Rose is often described as a "bitch" by many characters, including her sisters. She doesn't mind being called that. Rose is loyal to her sisters and is willing to protect them no matter what. She is highly driven and ambitious; she created her company Calloway Couture at just fifteen years old.