Lily Martha Calloway Hale is the main protagonist of the Addicted Series and one of the four protagonists of the Calloway Sisters Series. Starting out as a sex-addicted flailing college student of twenty, Lily struggled through hardship after hardship to curb her relentless addiction and mend many familial fences.


Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lily's first appearance was in Krista and Becca Ritchie's 2013 novel Addicted To You. The second-youngest to a family of four, Lily's childhood best friend was the boy-next-door, Loren Hale.

Lily's father owns the biggest soft-drink chain in America, Fizzle. Her parents usually ignored Lily, and was therefore able to enable her addiction. Lily was always closest with her older sister, Rose, as they were closest in age, though they disagreed on many things. Lily's addiction started as soon as she hit puberty, losing her virginity as thirteen.

Addicted To You Edit

Lily was introduced being collected from a one-night-stand at a frat house by her roommate and best friend, Lo. She revealed that the two of them have a system: Lily was Lo's sober driver, while Lo was her knight-in-shining-armor and helped get her out of awkward situations.

Lily and Lo were fake-dating, living together relatively platonically, and had been fake-dating for three years to appease their families. Neither family knew about Lily's addiction, and so they devised a plan to live together to keep enabling their respective addictions.

Lily struggled with her addiction throughout the entire book, and Lo does not help. He often teased her relentlessly, kissing her, touching her, and winding her up about her sexual ways. Lo was often incredibly mean to Lily, his addiction causing him to be so. Lily stated that he was 'perpetually drunk'.